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Build An Altar - Please click share

by Sandy Harless

  1. 1 Master Weaver 04:36 Lyrics
  2. 2 Here I Am Again 04:18 Lyrics
  3. 3 Goodbye Lullaby 04:38 Lyrics
  4. 4 Build an Altar 03:53 Lyrics
  5. 5 Wings of a Prayer 04:19 Lyrics
  6. 6 Praise my way to the Throne 04:25 Lyrics
  7. 7 When Fear is King 04:19 Lyrics
  8. 8 Spirit of Fear 03:31 Info
  9. 9 Solid Rock 04:36 Lyrics
  10. 10 Hold on to the Mountain 03:28 Lyrics
  11. 11 Great Redeemer 04:17 Lyrics

Hello and many blessings to you! I am about to "go to print" with my 2nd CD! Two years ago the Lord directed me to offer my music as a free gift and that His provision would allow me to do just that. Free downloads have been very effective for my current album and in addition to that, I have given away over 600 CDs! For some people digital distribution is not a viable avenue. This brings me to my request. I am asking you to consider sowing into my ministry. My first CD project cost a little over $7,000.00 to complete. This includes studio time, mixing, editing, mastering, printing covers and replication (making the CDs). My current need is approximately $4,000.00 to complete this project. By donating you become part of this blessing for others. No amount is too small when many come together. I would be honored to list you on my website in recognition of your partnership in this project. Your recognition can be as detailed or anonymous as you prefer. I will also keep an updated total on my website If you know of anyone who would like to sow seeds into the Kingdom in this way, please forward my website to them. Thank you so much for considering this ministry. I sure do appreciate your help. Together we can spread encouragement, inspiration and hope in Jesus through music.

Bless you and thank you so much for your partnership,
Sandy Harless